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How Homeopathy helped during the summer

I have had an amazing summer with the use of homeopathy . This is a summary of some of the things that were helped with homeopathy :

Sunburn from the 36 degree heat .... cantharis 30c taken hourly for a few doses completely removed the blisters and reduced the redness by about 90%

Pounding headache from too much sun .... Glonoin 30 c - 1 taken every half an hour for 3 doses took the headache away.

Dehydration and feeling peculiar from the sun.... drink of water plus a Nat Mur 200c and felt better within half an hour.

Food stuck in cavity from tooth removal - silica 12x .. one dose only , within an hour, the piece of food had popped out.

Hit head on car door... terrible pain... Symphytum 200c immediately reduced pain. Repeated doses each time pain started to return and remained pain free.

Mosquito bite in the U.K. ..... swollen, red and painful lump on leg.... took Apis 200c and swelling and pain reduced within 10 minutes. After 20 mins, took another and swelling and pain and redness almost disappeared.

Bites on leg resulting in purple marks ... took Lachesis 30c for a few days and it reduced the irritation and the marks significantly.

This is Profound....

The effects of mindfulness practice is profound .

Peace, tranquility and expansiveness are found in moments when the mind is quiet.

The mind is like a computer that is always “ON” - bringing in thoughts of the past, of what needs to be done, of judgements to others and your self, of conversations we might have with someone, of..... anything and everything.

Thoughts trigger emotions.

Practicing mindfulness teaches us to quieten the mind. To let go of thoughts . To allow the mind (computer) to go to “ standby “ mode , to pause.

This results in Stillness .

And Peace .

September 2020

I am really pleased to be back doing my Reflexology treatments that I love to do and my clients tell me they love to receive.! Despite all the adaptions to minimise the risk associated with Covid-19, all is going well and the clients feedback is that it is as relaxing as it always was.

One thing I have noticed since lockdown is how many people are looking for help for their emotional needs. A massive amount of fear and anxiety was created and circulated during lockdown . People no longer had the day to day distractions of work and school and it has bought up a range of relationship issues and life issues , including depression , worries about family members, loss of family, feeling isolated and lonely, loss of jobs, feeling demotivated, as well as realising a change of job is now needed, but “what shall I do with my life ? “ I have found the Bach Remedies invaluable in helping people with these sort of issues.

Another big realisation was how important the gut really is for our immune system. I have been reading about this for years now and believed I ate a very healthy diet. However, I got what I believed to be Covid-19 in early April . My family did not ! It got me looking at why - and the answer came over the summer when I realised that my gut was very unhappy. It was cherry season and I am lucky enough to live near to some amazing cherry orchards. At first I didn’t associate the two - my unhappy gut and cherries , until I realised this was an annual occurrence for me !! So I started researching ( as I do ) and discovered that people who are sensitive to the nightshade family of foods are often also sensitive to cherries, apples and beetroot. So I came off them all, and hey presto - my gut became a lot happier. As such , I am expecting my immune system to become stronger .... watch this space ... I will report back as we go through winter .

May 2021

Hi there!
We have just come out from yet another Lockdown and seem to have bizarre Monsoon-like downpours during this month of May. I am seeing more people with anxiety and depression due to the lockdown. Even children are feeling depressed and are being helped with Bach remedies.
I said I would update you about my gut health and immune system: I have stayed off gluten and the Nightshade foods and my gut health is good. As a result, my immune system is so much better than this time last year. I have worked as a key worker in a Homeopathic Pharmacy throughout Lockdown and have maintained my health. Even when colleagues have had colds or sore throats, I have not !
I discovered Qi gong last year and believe it is excellent for health and the immune system, so I have been practicing that once a week.

My Reflexology practice was put on hold for many weeks due to the Lockdown but we now have the Green Light for Go.... so people can start booking in again. Anyone with Long-covid or Vaccination after-effects could benefit from some reflexology.
Bye for now!

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